Paanal farm is located near Gumdipoondi-MangoFarm and Paddy and groundnut field Chinnapattu Near Nagalapuram Spread over 17 acres of luscious fertile land, where they cultivate traditional varieties of paddy, ground nuts and sesame seeds. They practise modern farming techniques with a strong binding to organic farming This initiative was started as a non profit initiative by three well placed busy professionals as a venture to explore organic farming to produce healthy crops. As days went by, there were many well wishers interested in this initiative and thus a community was formed. This community consists of farmers, volunteers and professionals from various fields. They stand by their motto “CHANGE SHOULD BEGIN FROM US”. They have conducted many seminars and workshops amongst college students to create awareness about organic farming and have encouraged the student community to take up farming as their professional career. After practicing organic farming for the past four years, now they nave ventured into F2C (Farmer to Consumer) Forum
Every citizen has the responsibility to bring up the living standards of our farmers. F2C made it a reality by bridging the gap between farmers and consumers thereby giving the maximum financial benefit for the farmers. The objective of F2C is to procure naturally grown farm products directly from farmers and bring it to the door step of consumers with the minimal cost at the same time maximizing the profit for the farmers.